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This Mix of South African Beat Music From Christian Tiger School Is Super Chill

The South African duo are masters of melancholic, LA beat-inspired psychedelia.

South African's Christian Tiger School (Luc Vermeer and Sebastian Zanasi) are bubbling up—they've just signed with Tommy Boy Entertainment, the legendary home to everyone from Danny Tenaglia to Gucci Mane. Their second album Chrome Tapes drops in June, but you don't have to wait till then to get a taste of their melancholic, LA beat-inspired psychedelia—they've made you a mix of all original tracks, including some deep cuts from early in their career.


As one of the most hotly-tipped names in South African electronic music right now, Christian Tiger School are also featured in Future Sound of Mzansi, a new documentary on South Africa's thriving dance music culture. Directed by Spoek Mathambo and Lebogang Rasethaba, the film is built on interviews with local producers, but also digs into questions of race and the lingering legacy of apartheid. You can watch it in three parts right here.


Hey Arnold, Dad's Here
Eastern Food Bazaar
Synko Phone
Spanish Robin Williams
Trapped In The Gunjle
Cinderella Rocafella
The Soul Of Morpheus And The Comet Man

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