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Yoann Feynman Lays Claim to the Throne of Parisian Darkwave

Featuring Gesaffelstein, Justin Martin, and Aphex Twin, this mix is a strong statement from the FAKE Music head.

FAKE Music's Yoann Feynman has been making the right noises for a while now, the loudest of which was his track "Gaza," produced with Monomotion and released in May on the Illusions EP. It's a pop-industrial techno heater that'll have the dark prince Gesaffelstein himself quivering in fear and was a major announcement in what has become a startlingly consistent string of releases by Feynman.

Yoann's debut guest mix for THUMP should amplify the hype, as it presents a classy, but heavy take in between house, techno, with a dash of EDM grandiosity.

Coming out of the gates with a Stimming double-take and quickly dropping into a mid-section that weaves through Justin Martin & Ardalan to Feynman's own "Gaza" and Gesaffelstein before reaching it's peak with RL Grime and soothing out from there.

Outta nowhere, it's been on repeat in the THUMP offices and might be a sleeper candidate for mix of the year. Do not sleep on this kid.

Feynman is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter

Stimming - Der Schmelz
Stimming - After Eight
Steve Mac - You (FPS Remix)
Justin Martin & Ardalan - Mr Spock
Sebastien Leger - Atomizer (Leger rmx)
Alejandro Arroyo - Open Circles (Andre Sobota remx)
Yoann Feynman & Monomotion - Gaza (Sobota Remix)
Yoann Feynman & Monomotion - Gaza
Aphex Twin - 10 partial gen [switched outputs with self FM ] afx1
Gesaffelstein - Destinations
RL Grime - Core
Edyth - Habibti
Nicolas Jaar - Variations
FEYNMAN - Television
David August - Her Myth