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Grimes Made a Track with Aristophanes, Your New Favorite Female Rapper From Taiwan

Hip-hop with a spaghetti western twang?

She'd already teased it a couple months back, but we've now got yet another taste of Grimes' about-to-drop fourth album, Art Angels, and it's a collaboration with Taipei-based rapper Aristophanes 貍貓. In accordance with Claire Boucher's expressed interest in producing for other vocalists, this one sees her retreating behind the scenes to create a nasty beat for the silky voiced rapper to whisper, growl, and scream on—all in Mandarin. Imagine "Paper Planes"-era M.I.A. mixed with Spaghetti Western king Ennio Morricone's twanging guitar lines, and you've got a pretty good idea of what "Scream" sounds like. Listen below, and take a dive into Aristophanes' pretty extensive SoundCloud catalogue here (there's even a track produced by Japanese footwork producer Foodman).


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