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Flying Lotus Launches Brainfeeder Films, a New Film and Production Company

'Kuso,' starring Anders Holm, is the company's first feature-length film.
Photo by Simon Fernandez, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Flying Lotus will launch Brainfeeder Films, a new film finance and production company in November. Brainfeeder Films officially launches November 16 during a special event being held at the Regent Street Cinema in London.

Animator David Firth will screen the world premiere of his new short film, Cream, and featuring length film, Umbilical World, during the event. The event will also include the UK premiere of Flying Lotus' new short film, Royal.

Flying Lotus and Firth first collaborated for Flying Lotus' video for "Ready Err Not."

Earlier this week, Brainfeeder Films announced Workaholics star Anders Holm would star in Kuso, the company's first feature film. Holm will join comedian Byron Bowers and funk legend George Clinton in the film.

Watch the trippy trailer for Cream below.