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Michael Jukeson's Dance Moves Will End Sadness Forever

#nomoresad. It's a movement of happiness.

If you are currently rolling your eyes at the above headline, I totally understand. I never thought I would ever be down with a DJ named Michael Jukeson, let alone a DJ named Michael Jukeson posting custom dance videos on YouTube. But guess what? They're freakin' great, and his motives are pretty spotless too.

Before the videos started rolling into my timeline last month, all I knew about Michael Jukeson was that he used to have a crazy mullet, he reps Astronautico, and his name made me laugh out loud when he followed me on Soundcloud.


After seeing him pairing the haircut with Day-Glo workout gear at parties, it wasn't much of a surprise to learn that his homepage is set up like Craigslist, with items on sale including one (1) New Years Kiss ($199.99), two (2) Neil Sedaka records ($9.99) and his own chest hair ($99.99). After almost purchasing a selfie along with his phone number "in case I got lonely," I got lost in all of his Youtube videos and decided I really needed to learn more about the collection.

Here's how it works: You simply tweet at Mr. Jukeson and tell him your favorite song, and he returns a few days later with a video of him dancing to said song, in hopes that you will never be sad. He has called his movement #nomoresad. A few people asked us, "What's up with this guy?" and we really had no idea so we hit him up this week to find out what his deal was. We also got a few custom videos that he made for THUMP staff and friends, so enjoy the exclusives.

THUMP: Hey Michael, how are you?
Michael Jukeson: Hey! I am well!

What are you doing right now?
I am sipping on some green tea and eating a banana.

Thank you for the rad video. I appreciate it.
No problem! It was my pleasure.

How many have you made so far?
Seventy-seven videos so far, and the requests keep pouring in!

I feel like the response to them has been great. Someone left a comment on my Facebook saying things like your videos should be prescribed before Prozac enters the picture. Isn't that the point of your movement?
The response has been amazing! The point is to make people happy. I have personally struggled with depression and it is a very serious issue and is often overlooked and/or undertreated. It makes me happy that #nomoresad could potentially serve as part of the solution but there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help or treating it with medicine. Everyone deserves a smile.


How did #nomoresad start?
It started with a product on my website, "MJ470: 30-Second Dance Video by Michael Jukeson." People were really keen on the idea and I wanted to expand upon the concept so I started the twitter outreach program @nomoresad2014, and then gave it a name—"Michael Jukeson's #nomoresad Initiative." And here we are!

How can the whole world be involved?
Run with the idea; find new and creative ways to make people happy, to spread positivity, and remember to be kind and compassionate. Go out and make smiles happen.

Have you been getting crazy comments because we all know the Internet is a horrible place?
I have received some negative feedback but it pales in comparison to the positive. The Internet harbors a lot of negativity but I hope I am able to change that…

How do you deal with that?
I don't participate in or acknowledge negativity.

Besides doing #nomoresad videos what else do you do?
I am currently working on a piano concerto, a few club tunes, the ability to slam-dunk, a film score, running, and a workout video.

How would you want to take #nomoresad to the next level?
I have a few #nomoresad ventures in the works: collaborations, a live dance performance, a SXSW booth, and a new public outreach program called Interventures (intervention and adventure). I just want to make as many people happy as I can.

Has this been making you happier?
Yes! This is the happiest I've ever been! I firmly believe that it is easier to discover happiness when you help others find it.


What is the best advice you can give people when they are feeling sad?
If you need help, find help. Eat well, be active, stay positive, smile (even if you don't feel like it), and dance—a lot.

MJ470: 30-Second Dance Video for THUMP

MJ470: 30-Second Dance Video for Shawn Reynaldo, XLR8R Editor-in-Chief

MJ470: 30-Second Dance Video for Greg Eggebeen, Supervising Producer for THUMP

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