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Exmag Made Griz's "Fall in Love Too Fast" Even More Sexy

Yes it happened. Live at The Hudson Project.
September 5, 2014, 11:42pm

Among all the horror stories that surrounded the now-infamous Hudson Project festival in Upstate New York, there was indeed a lot of good music and fun times that took place before shit went straight up apocolyptic. One of those occurances was the anticipated set by live outfit, Exmag, who are known for their brilliant merging of funky glitch-hop, tasty guitar licks, and a whole 'lotta sexy guest vocals. They play the type of sets that thrive off collaboration, constantly building and evolving to send dancers into deeper realms of enjoyment. A highlight of their set at the festival was surely their live rework of Griz's track "Fall in Love To Fast," a segment in which everyone in the crowd became moist with carnal euphoria, and lost their shit when the sax-toting Griz-man himself even hopped on the stage to lay down some saucy woodwind squeals. Check out this fresh vid filmed live at the fest and here's to a drier, more civilized second year of the festival!

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