This story is over 5 years old.

MSTRKRFT Just Dropped Their First Track in Five Years

The Canadian duo are gearing up for their first album since 2009.
Photo courtesy of MSTRKFRT's Facebook

MSTRKRFT were once one of the biggest electronic music acts around—they even once had a young John Legend guest on a track—but they have been quiet since their last singles trickled out in 2011. With the release of a new track last night, it appears the Ontarian duo are poised to make a comback.

On A-Trak's Beats 1 show "Day Off Radio," the producer and Fool's Gold label cofounder premiered MSTRKFRT's "Little Red Hen," an infectious dance hall electro-boogie without the pretensions of crowd-pleasing builds and drops. Listen to it below.

It's the first major proof that MSTRKRFT will soon formally announce a new album, the recording process of which THUMP covered back in January. The duo recently reactivated their Twitter account and have been teasing hints of a new LP since February. On Wikipedia, it's listed as Ә, but that remains unconfirmed. To stay updated, follow them on any of the social media networks that have stated they now have.

And if you are in SXSW next week, MSTRKRFT will be performing its first show in years at Quantum Collective's Southwest Invasion showcase. You can get tickets here.