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OWSLA's Wiwek Welcomes You to Jungle Terror with His New Mix

The Dutch producer's mix features contributions by Skrillex, Audiobullys, and Gregor Salto.
March 4, 2016, 7:15pm
Image courtesy of the artist

The Dutch producer Wiwek released his debut LP The Free and Rebellious last month on OWSLA, the label founded by EDM superstar Skrillex. Today Wiwek shared an exclusive jungle terror mix with THUMP, showcasing the sounds and artists behind the burgeoning genre that mixes grime, jungle, drum and bass that the producer helped innovate.

"The Free and Rebellious Jungle Terror Mix" features 45 minutes of club thumping madness with tracks only dipping in energy to take a breath before returning to the fray. "Jungle terror is tropical toughness," Wiwek told THUMP via email. Helping him out is his jungle terror crew who help keep the adrenaline pumping. "If Tarzan stole a horse and went to battle with Braveheart this would be the soundtrack," wrote Audiobullys to THUMP. Listen to it below the tracklist.

"The Free and Rebellious Jungle Terror Mix" tracklist:

1. Mourik H - "Mash it up"
2. Stoltenhoff - "Tuddle Mcbuddle" vs Contrvbvnd & David Poison - "War"
3. Gregor Salto - "Damelo" (Noizekid Bootleg)
4. Noizekid & Sergio Mendes - "Magalenha"
5. Lowparse & Perk Pietrek - "Wildfire"
6. Wiwek ft Big Freedia - "Cavalry"
7. Moksi - "In the Rave" (Mike Cervello remix)
8. Jeremia Jones & MNDM - "Bombaclat" ft Maikal X & Royston Williams
9. Joey Beltram - "Together" (Wiwek Remix)
10. Wiwek & Yellow Claw - "Pop it"
11. Wiwek ft Audiobullys - "Rebels"
12. Valentino Khan & Wiwek - "Tropicana"
13. Wiwek & Skrillex ft Elliphant - "Killa"
14. Wiwek ft Sirah - "Stop me"
15. Wiley - "Chasing the art"
15. Ba$ilones - "Fuego"
16. ID - "Taste"
17. Wiwek - "Riot" (Yellow Claw & LNY TNZ Remix)
18. Cesqeaux & Wiwek - "Twist"