It's Awards Season, So Here's Kendrick Lamar and Samuel L. Jackson in the Studio Last Fall

Good kid, b.A.A.d. motherfucker.
January 9, 2017, 8:53pm

We're entering the time of year where arthouse films that aren't even out yet get thrust into the media-consuming public's perception and end up getting fried on Twitter for Problematic Critical Interpretation X. That's right folks, it's awards season. You may ask yourself what Noisey is doing, covering news that has little to do with the world of music. Firstly, the Grammys are during this time, so nyeh, and also we've dug up a picture of Academy Award-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson with Grammy-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar.

This is from Jackson's Instagram back in October of last year. We still haven't received whatever this session resulted in so what could this meet-up be? A quick look at the movies that Sam Jackson is going to appear in for 2017 and 2018 doesn't really provide answers, since Kendrick is most likely not appearing on the Incredibles 2 soundtrack (but then again he has done stuff for other superhero films). The two have technically linked up before when someone named DJ Cinema spliced together Kendrick's verse from Talib Kweli's "Pushin Thru" with a Jackson speech from the 1994 film Chess but this points to approximately…. nothing. According to the Instagram caption, Kendrick and Jackson apparently got "Woke," so the sensible answer is that maybe Jackson is providing an interlude on Kendrick's next jazz-soul odyssey. Wild how this is what passes as a "sensible" hypothesis, though. Anyways, allow your mind to wander to possible Shaft re-reboots if you want to.

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