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Supercharge Your Morning With a Blast of Krallice's "Hate Power"

The NYC black metal iconoclasts are back with a head-spinning new song as part of Adult Swim's Singles Series Program.
Photo by Koichiro Kojima

Adult Swim's done it again. The media behemoth's Singles Series Program has consistently backed some of the best bands in heavy music (most recently, Thou and The Body have graced its ranks), and today's entry is no different. This time, they've gotten their claws into Krallice, and are offering a brand-new song off the NYC outfit's upcoming new (!) full-length, Prelapsarian. Titled "Hate Power," the new track roars into being like an extremely technically proficient bat out of hell.


As usual, the tag "experimental black metal" only scratches the surface of what they get up to in this one—their customary complexity and dizzying technicality is on full display, and speeds by at a breakneck pace, cramming stop-start riffs, merciless drumming, churning death, malicious black, and unexpectedly clear, shouted, manic vocals. It's still obviously Krallice, but shows what may be a new-ish direction for them (those vocals are still tripping me out). The whole affair barely skims four minutes of madness, which is all these dudes need to thoroughly blow your mind.

As the band explained in a statement to Noisey, "Our song 'Hate Power' was conceived and written over the past five years. The lyrics take an anti-hate stance. It will be on our new record, Prelapsarian, which will be released this Winter Solstice."

Download the song for free here, and listen to our exclusive premiere below. Keep your eyes peeled for more from Prelapsarian—something tells me that Gilead Media, Krallice's long-time label, has even more magic up their sleeves.

Photo by Koichiro Kojima Kim Kelly is powered by tea and dog photos on Twitter.