This story is over 5 years old.


Marshawn Lynch Jumps into An End Zone of Skittles

Conan O'Brien got a whole bunch of Skittles, dumped them in a pit, and let Marshawn Lynch jump into it like he jumps into the end zone. He even grabbed his nuts.

All I can think about after watching this is, years from now, my grandchild's grandchild will go to one of those websites (or whatever database of the world's information they have embedded in their brains then) that lets you search This Date in History. And my grandchild's grandchild will look up June 29, 2015 and find an entry that reads "Marshawn Lynch jumps into an "end zone" full of Skittles on Conon O'Brien's late night talk show Conan on TBS."

Maybe there will be an asterisk at Skittles, to let my grandchild's grandchild know that Marshawn Lynch really, really loved Skittles. Also, it might be tagged "NSFW" with another asterisk because Lynch grabbed his nuts on the way in, as he does on all touchdown runs.