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Aaron Rodgers Takes Dig at Russell Wilson's God Talk

Aaron Rodgers said the Packers got help from God last night. Just like Russell Wilson said after the NFC Championship. Hey wait a minute!

The Packers beat the Seahawks 27-17 in Green Bay last night in a rematch from last year's bonkers NFC Championship game in Seattle. Aaron Rodgers had a fine effort, going 25/33 for 249 yards and two touchdowns, but it was his post-game presser performance that truly shined. In what is almost certainly an intentional little dig at Russell Wilson, Rodgers said part of the win could be attributed to "getting help from God, I think God was a Packer fan tonight."

You might recall that in the aftermath of that dramatic finish to the NFC Championship—the one where everyone learned Brandon Bostick's name—Russell Wilson attributed everything to God. Speaking about the onside kick, his terrible performance for three quarters, and the game-winning 35-yard touchdown to Doug Baldwin in overtime, he told Peter King:

"That's God setting it up, to make it so dramatic, so rewarding, so special," he said, alone for a moment in the locker room before heading out for the night. "I've been through a lot in life, and had some ups and downs. It's what's led me to this day."

Which, again, regardless of your personal beliefs is kind of a crazy thing to say. Good old God sitting in front of his screenwriting software hammering away the perfect way to set up the end to a football game. Anyway, I don't know why Aaron Rodgers is being a dick—I can't remember him ever talking about his religious beliefs or praising God for a win—but it's a lot of fun.