City of Greensboro Roasts Jim Boeheim After Syracuse Crash out of ACC Tournament

The Syracuse coach said there was no value playing ACC tournament in Greensboro. The city clapped back.
March 8, 2017, 10:39pm

.@AdamZagoria @ACCSports We kindly disagree. But I guess you can lose in the 1st round anywhere. At least it's a quick ride home.
— City of Greensboro (@greensborocity) March 8, 2017

Human Eeyore Jim Boeheim was bothered today following Syracuse's 62-57 loss to the University of Miami. He had reason to be, as the Orange are definitely on the NCAA precipice with a 18-14 overall record, a 2-11 road record, and an up-to-the-minute RPI of 85, which would be the worst ever for an at-large team. Fans will definitely have to sweat it out until Sunday evening.


(Although Syracuse always seem to find a way, last year they barely earned their bid, got seeded 10th, and went to the Final Four. Who the hell knows anything?)

What likely set Boeheim off was Syracuse cut the Canes lead to 2 with :39.8 left. Miami brought the ball up, the Orange went into one of their vaunted zone defenses, trapping on the wing, as Coach Eeyore screamed "No fouls! No fouls!" There was confusion and Canes point guard Ja'Quan Newton drove right down the middle of the lane for an easy bucket. Orange, crushed.

Playing to type, Boeheim was livid, but in that sad sack way of his. Naturally, he took out his frustrations on…the city of Greensboro, North Carolina?

For un-$-known reasons, the Atlantic Coast Conference tourney is being held in Brooklyn, at the Barclay's Center, which isn't even New York City's second most famous basketball arena. (Hell yes, we're counting Rucker.) In the post-game presser, after a long-ass rant about why his middling Orange should get in, a reporter asked Boeheim if he felt Barclay's was a more neutral site than one in North Carolina and if he'd like to continue going forward.

"I think New York's a great place. Obviously, we get some fans here. It doesn't matter in terms of who wins. I just think New York City is a great venue for our tournament. I think the big city is where it should be played. I think it should be played here, Washington, Atlanta. That's where the tournament should be played.

I'm not going to be around much longer to care about it, but I think that's where the value is. I think there's a huge value in playing the tournament in those places. There's no value in playing Greensboro, none. It's there because the league's been there and the office is there, and they have 150 people that the ACC needs. That's why it's there. It should not be there.

You get in the media centers and the recruiting centers, how many players do they have in Greensboro? I mean, New York, Washington, Atlanta, that's where the media centers are. Madison Square Garden made the Big East conference. There's a couple other factors, but made the Big East conference.

And I'm saying all that because I don't give a shit. I'm just saying what's right. That's what's right. Why do you think the Big Ten is coming into New York? It's business, good business sense. They all say it's a business. Well, then, let's start acting like it's a business."

And, as you can see, the city of Greensboro, which naturally has a Twitter account, clapped back: "Guess you can lose in the 1st round anywhere." Well played Greensboro, like way better played than Syracuse come end of today's game.