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Draymond Green Asks Steph Curry What Gifts He's Going to Get His Teammates

Draymond Green managed to ask a question at Steph Curry's MVP ceremony and it was an important one: what gifts will the rest of the Warriors be receiving from the new MVP?

Last night, word broke that Steph Curry was named NBA MVP and today the NBA staged a ceremony to officially present Curry with the award. The meat and potatoes of the ceremony just wrapped up and he's now taking questions from the crowd, most of which are coming from the reporters assembled. His teammate Draymond Green was able to get his hands on a microphone, though, and didn't so much ask a question as put Steph directly on the spot. Specifically, he wanted to know what kind of gifts his teammates would be getting.

Not if he would be getting them gifts, but what kind. Draymond mentioned that Luke Walton talked about how Kobe got the Lakers watches when he was named MVP, so now Steph promised he'd one-up Kobe. Extremely good hustle on Draymond's part.