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Wiz Kilo's "Nocturnal" Looks at the Dark Side of Digital Hookup Culture

Listen to the smooth, R&B-tinged electro-pop title track from the Montreal artist's new album.
Courtesy of artist

Montreal's Wiz Kilo is prepping for the release of his sophomore album Nocturnal, and if the smooth bass arpeggios of the title track are any indication, it will be more of the sexy club music that people have come to expect from the producer.

The Syrian-born artist's last release, 2014's Jungle Disco, was a refined mix of R&B-tinged electro, that despite the glossiness of its production, still managed warmth from its vocals and instrumentation. "Nocturnal," the first track from his upcoming album doesn't stray far from that path, with subtle spoken-word vocals, synth strings, and minimal drums, reminiscent of Timbaland's work with Justin Timberlake circa 2006.

Speaking to THUMP about the album, Kilo reflects on the darker nature of his new project: "Nocturnal is about the digital hookup age we live in. The urges we feel that have us connecting with people, the short and meaningless encounters that satisfy our hunger and lust when the night calls, and the fascinating encounters that follow."

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