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Evening Bulletin

SetNov Strikes Back, 0% Down Home Loans, and Rohingya 'Freedom Fighters': The VICE Evening Bulletin

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Indonesia News

Police are Arresting the People Behind Last Month's SetNov Memes
We warned you that Indonesia was trying to outlaw memes. Now authorities have made their latest meme-related arrest, detaining a 29-year-old member of the new political party PSI for posting a Photoshopped meme making fun of SetNov's claims that he was "too sick" to be questioned in a graft case. Police say nine others are currently under investigation. —VICE

Anies-Sandi 0 Percent Home Loan Program Might Actually Happen
Soon, you can buy a home in Jakarta without a down payment. Doni Joewono, a Bank of Indonesia representative, said that the program that's proposed by new Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan and vice governor Sandiaga Uno is pretty realistic. Doni said all Anies and Sandi need to do now is figure out how to fund it.—Kompas


Nowadays, Indonesians Prefer Sitting at Cafes All Day to Shopping at Malls
There's been a shift in consumer behavior: people no longer go to malls for its stores, since they would rather shop online. Nowadays, Indonesians go to malls to spend more on coffee and food. A new report shows that in 2016, PT Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk (MAP) saw a 1.36 percent decline in profit from its department stores and a 19.5 percent increase in profit from its cafes and restaurants. —Katadata Man Tried but Failed to Marry Two Women on the Same Day
In a bold move, a Palembang man tried to marry his two girlfriends on the same day, at the same time. The wedding invitation even came with pictures of him and the two women. But today, four days before the two-in-one ceremony, the local district religion office said that the parents of one of the brides-to-be have pulled her marriage license application. —Tempo

International News

Japan Serial Killer Started Murder Spree in August
Takahiro Shiraishi's grisly killing spree all started with a different disappearance. Takahiro met a man online who was searching for his missing girlfriend. He invited the man to his apartment in the Tokyo suburbs and murdered him in late August. A little more than two months later, Takahiro had killed eight others, including several teenage girls. —Japan Times

Aung San Suu Kyi Makes Visit to Heart of Myanmar's Rohingya Crisis
The de-facto leader of Myanmar took a "day trip" to Rakhine state, where the violent persecution of Rohingya Muslims has sent more than a half-million refugees fleeing over the border. The Myanmar Army has been accused of gross human rights violations, including the killing of children, mass rape, and setting fire to Rohingya villages—all while Suu Kyi has remained tight-lipped on the matter despite international condemnation. —BBC


Meanwhile, We Spoke to Rohingyas Taking Up Arms Against Myanmar's Government
The Myanmar government calls the ARSA a terrorist group. But the armed group's members say they are just defending Rohingya Muslims from government oppression.—VICE News

Duterte's Brutal Drug War Faces Latest Legal Challenge
A team of lawyers is challenging claims by Philippines police that the killing of nearly 4,000 mostly poor Filipinos were all done in self defense. Lawyers instead say they deaths were clearly extrajudicial killings conducted with no accountability and little investigation. —Reuters

As Johor Bans 'Anti-Christmas' Preachers, Another Hardline Islamist Is Welcomed In Malaysia With Open Arms
Zakir Naik, a controversial Indian preacher wanted in his home country on hate speech charges, continues to avoid extradition after being granted Malaysian citizenship. Observers say his continued presence is another sign that Malaysia's ruling political coalition is trying to cozy up to conservative Malay voters, often at the expense of its Hindu, Christian, and Buddhist minorities. —Reuters

Everything Else

Singapore Air Unveils Latest Upgrade We Can't Afford
It has a full-sized bed that can sleep two, a desk with a leather chair, two wardrobes, two private bathroom, and a 32-inch HD TV. It's basically a hotel in the sky, but one that costs more than an entire year's rent. The average cost of one of these suites? $18,400 USD. —Bloomberg

'Stranger Things' Season Two Would be Great if Not For All That Sexism
The latest season of the hit Netflix series perfectly captures that `80s nostalgia, right down to the sexist tropes of the "token girl." Why can't both Eleven and Max have a spot on the party?—VICE

The Trailer for Apple Music's Danny Brown Documentary Is Here
'Live at the Majestic' takes a deep dive into the Detroit rapper's origins.—Noisey

How to Hire a Personal Trainer Who Actually Knows What They're Doing
Having lots of Instagram followers doesn't make someone an expert. Ask about evidence of success, their schedules, and their price. —Tonic