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In Photos: These New York Protesters Made a Mockery of Donald Trump in His Hometown

Hundreds of people marched to Trump Tower carrying signs that made fun of everything from the size of Trump's hands to the way he eats pizza.
March 20, 2016, 6:45pm
Foto di Henry Langston/VICE News

While Donald Trump campaigned in Arizona on Saturday, hundreds of protesters in New York City marched through Central Park to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue to express their opposition to Trump in his hometown.

The protesters remained relatively peaceful as they made their way past some of Manhattan's most expensive storefronts toward Trump's eponymous skyscraper. As they marched, the protesters shouted "Build bridges, not walls," "Dump Trump," and other slogans. Others chanted "Donald Trump, go away, racist, sexist, anti-gay.''


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Mary-Beth Whitehouse, a middle school teacher from the Bronx, was at the rally carrying a sign that read "Build a wall around Trump; I'll Pay for it." She said she was there because she believes that Trump does not represent New York City.

"This is a great city and it's great because of the diversity of the people who live here," Whitehouse said. "Donald Trump is not supporting the diversity of the people of this amazing city. Instead he's putting forth hate and fear and anger."

Suad Kerama, who immigrated to New York from North Africa, said she was at the rally because she's troubled by Trump's statements about immigration. She didn't take Trump seriously at first, but she said the fact that he has become the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination is "very scary."

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A few scuffles that broke out along the way, including at one point when some protesters attempted to break through the police barricades to march in the street against traffic. Three people, including a photojournalist, were arrested for obstructing vehicular traffic, and police used pepper spray on the crowd at one point.

There were also some counter-protesters who were there to show their support for Trump. George Overbach said he drove to Manhattan from his home on Long Island for the rally. He was wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat and carrying a "Trump for America" sign. "I personally believe Donald Trump is going to be the most accountable president we've ever had because of the way he talks," he said.


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Some of anti-Trump protesters shouted at Overbach and threw things at his sign, but he said things stayed relatively calm for the most part. As the event was winding down, he said half-jokingly that he needed to go check on his car that was parked around the block. "I hope nobody smashed my windows," he said with a laugh.

All photos by Henry Langston and Olivia Becker. Follow them on Twitter: @Henry_Langston and @obecker928