Taylor Swift Travels Around In A Big Suitcase to Avoid Paparazzi, Zayn Confirms

The long-held fan theory has finally been confirmed in a British 'Vogue' feature on the former 1D star.
November 19, 2018, 5:37am
Taylor Swift, Suitcase

Last year, an interesting rumour began going around that Taylor Swift had been travelling from her car to her apartment in a large suitcase in order to avoid paparazzi. In July 2017, a photo appeared on photo wire service Splash News with a caption ("Taylor Swift being transported in a huge suitcase") that indicated the very large suitcase pictured being lifted into Swift's Tribeca apartment contained Swift herself. While the rumour was very quickly decided to be 100% false by internet sleuths, it turns out that, well, that actually was her in the huge suitcase.

In a new profile in British Vogue, Swift collaborator Zayn Malik revealed that "[Taylor] was travelling around in a suitcase" to avoid paparazzi. As someone who was absolutely obsessed with the suitcase story when it first emerged, let me just say: it feels absolutely wonderful to have confirmation that this ridiculous anti-publicity strategy is true. I hope very deeply that we get a follow up to this story—perhaps, say, a tutorial on manoeuvring one's self into a suitcase, or one on how to create airholes in your anti-pap case—or confirmation from Swift herself. Read the entirety of Zayn's Vogue profile here.

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