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Video Captures Baltimore Police Arresting and Tasing Woman Recording Them

Kianga Mwamba was recording an arrest from her car when police ordered her to move and suddenly pulled her from her vehicle as she attempted to comply.
Photo by Bruce Emmerling

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A video has surfaced showing Baltimore police arresting and using a taser on a woman who was recording them making a separate arrest back in March.

Kianga Mwamba told the Baltimore Sun that she was heading home from a family function when she stopped her car at a red light and began to record police arresting a man on the other side of the street. At first the police paid Mwamba no mind, but when the traffic light turned green they told her she needed to move her car.


"You telling me I can't record on my phone?" Mwamba asks in the video, to which someone off camera responds that she needs to get out of the street.

Mwamba is heard clearly saying, "I'll park, I'll park," on the video, and appears to try pulling her car over to the side of the road. Though the footage is unclear, she remarks of being impeded in her attempt to park her car by officers, who then proceed to aggressively pull her from it.

"Give me your fucking hands," says a male voice during the struggle to get Mwamba out of the car. Another male voice says, "get out of the fucking car."

Mwamba claims she was tased by police, and what sounds like a taser can be heard around the 1:45 mark in the video, after which she yells, "Oh my God, are you serious?"

Amid the sound of police handcuffing her, a male voice can be heard saying, "You're a dumb bitch, do you know that?"

"What did I do?" Mwamba asks.

"You just tried to run over an officer," the male voice replies.

Police reported that Mwamba's vehicle had struck an officer in the legs. She was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer, but prosecutors later dropped the charges.

She claims that when she was bailed out of jail the day after her arrest, she found that police had deleted the video from her phone. The video was saved in the cloud, however, by an app on her phone that backs up data and was found months later.

Mwamba has filed a $7 million lawsuit against Baltimore police for their actions in the arrest.

Photo via Pixabay