Here is Football, etc.'s "Save" To Make You Feel A Bit Better About Stuff

Get ready to be punched in the tummy in a nice, uplifting sort of way.
July 4, 2017, 9:57am

Music usually leans towards one of two categories: music to make memories to, or music to remember things to; party music, or sitting-at-home-on-the-computer music; extroverted or introverted. Houston's Football, etc. are one of those bands that provide a bridge between the two, crafting bright and heartfelt Midwestern rock that "gets you" when you're being a miserable and lonely bastard, but hits even harder when sung in a crowd.


Premiering below, "Save" – from their most recent album Corner – is a confident and tender ode to feeling adrift. In yourself, in a relationship, in life – whatever you want it mean, really. It may be open to interpretation but it still punches you square in the tummy in that visceral, uplifting sort of way that an act of kindness does when you're feeling terrible. For that we should all say: thank you, Football, etc. for this gift.

Also this video is quite nice to look at, isn't it.

Corner is out now via Barely Regal Records (UK), Community Records (US) and Stiff Slack(Japan). Here are some tour dates if you are the sort of person who enjoys experiencing music in a live setting:

July 1st - Villa N Roll, Pesaro, Italy
July 2nd - Triebhaus, Lucern, Switzerland
July 3rd - La Comedia, Paris, France
July 4th - Hope and Ruin, Brighton UK
July 5th - JT SOAR, Nottingham UK
July 6th - Broadcast, Glasgow UK
July 7th - Fallow Cafe, Manchester UK
July 8th - Horse and Wagons, Birmingham UK
July 9th - Milk Thistle, Bristol UK
July 10th - Black Heart, London UK
July 11th - Bobble Cafe, Lille France
July 12th - Privat, Cologne DE
July 13th - Selbstverwaltetes, Erlangen DE
July 14th - Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt DE
July 15th - Bastione San Francesco, Verona Italy
July 18th - Casa De Monstros, Denton TX
July 19th - PH Community House, Tulsa OK
July 20th - Schlafly Taproom, St. Louis MO
July 21st - SubT Downstairs, Chicago IL
July 22nd - City Grows, Pittsburgh PA
July 23rd - Lizard Lounge, Lancaster PA
July 24th - Wamleg, Wallingford CT
July 25th - Middle East Upstairs, Boston MA
July 26th - Gold Sounds, Brooklyn NY
July 27th - The Station, Charlotte NC
July 28th - Cafe Coco, Nashville TN
July 29th - Hey Cafe, New Orleans LA

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