“I’d Like to Film a Proper Line on Vert” and other Revelations from Skater Chris Cole

He likes to invest his money and digs Germany's architecture, too.
June 29, 2017, 3:55pm

We caught up with Chris Cole at the Munich leg of Street League to have a quick chat about his skateboarding top threes. Who knew that the two-time skater of the year harboured ambitions to pad up and hit the vert?!

Top three tricks you've filmed throughout your career?

Wow, that's hard. The flip down Wallenberg, the kickflip backside noseblunt in Berkeley, and the backside flip over the Love Gap, I guess.


Top three tricks you'd like to film in the future?

I'd like to do a better grapefruit grind than I ever have, film a proper line on vert and, I mean, it always changes. It would be nice to do a back 180 nosegrind 180 on a handrail.

Top three favourite things about Germany?

The architecture, the people, and the landscape.

Top three worst looking tricks in skateboarding?

Nollie Smith grind is just awful, and I don't like varial kickflips. Nobody's doing any nasty tricks out there on the course right now. And pop shuv body varial.

Top three ways to spend prize money?

Save it, invest in things. Get a Tesla. And donate to charity.

Top three weird habits or obsessions?

I have none, I try not to prescribe to any sort of obsessive behaviour. That will then spin you out and limit you to a specific set list of having to do all these things. I try to just be in a good mood before I go skate. It's really hard to skate when you're in a bad mood. Even that I'm trying to work on, so I can skate in any mood that I'm in.

Finally, top three board graphics of all time?

Zero MMVI, my first board with the stained glass, and the Vallely elephant graphic.

Street League will continue with a stop in Chicago and a final event in Los Angeles.