Tiger Woods' Breathalyzer Exam Showed No Traces of Alcohol

According to the police report, officers found Woods asleep behind the wheel of his car in the right lane, with brake lights and the blinker on.
May 30, 2017, 4:26pm
Imagen vía Palm Beach Sheriff's Office

Tiger Woods was booked for driving under the influence early Monday morning in Jupiter, Florida, and the resulting mugshot touched off speculation that more was at play than alcohol. According to the arrest report, obtained by the Palm Beach Post, the 41-year-old Woods was found asleep behind the wheel of his Mercedes, approximately 8 miles from his home. He told police he was on his way home (police noted he was headed in the wrong direction) and the report states he was confused and slurring his words. But the police's subsequent breathalyzer exam showed no traces of alcohol.


He did fail several other roadside exams, however. When Woods was asked whether he understood directions to recite the alphabet backwards, the police report alleges that he said "yes, recite entire National Anthem backwards." The report also notes that he could not stand on his own, and was struggling to keep his eyes open.

Woods, who seems to be permanently recovering from back surgery—most recently fusion surgery last month—told police that he was taking several prescription medications, including vicodin.

In a statement released Monday night, Woods called it an "unexpected reaction" to those medications and said "I didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly."

Woods is expected to appear in court for an arraignment hearing on July 5.