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Daily Horoscope: March 23, 2016

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Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

This is one of the most energetic days of the month! First, lucky Jupiter in grounded Virgo squares serious Saturn in Sagittarius at 6:15 AM: This is a challenging aspect that will push us to become more aware of our limits and remind us that we can't always rely on luck. Be your best, most mature, and responsible self today. We also have a lunar eclipse in relationship-oriented Air sign Libra at 8:01 AM, which will shed new light on our partnerships. The Sun, the planet of ego, meets logical Mercury, both in the baby sign of the zodiac, Aries, at 4:11 PM: This combination could inspire some self-centered, rigid thinking. In other words, today is super intense! All times EST.



Thanks to today's eclipse in your opposite sign, Libra, some major spring cleaning will go down in your relationships. What (or who) will be tossed in the trash? What new adventures will come in? Only time will tell.


It's an intense day, but your intuition is crazy sharp, so listen to your gut. Your desire to keep things light and easy might clash with your craving for intimacy today, Taurus. Also: Huge changes are happening around your daily routine!


Eclipses bring new information to light, and since you're an info junkie, as stressful as eclipses can be, you enjoy the massive, cosmic newsflashes they bring. It's a huge day for all of your partnerships.


Because you're ruled by the Moon, eclipses are especially sensitive times for you, Cancer. Today's eclipse in balance-loving Libra is activating the sector of your chart that rules home, family, and security. Reflect on these themes today.


This is a super important day for you to be as responsible and mature as humanly possible, Leo, due to Jupiter's clash with strict, conservative Saturn. Thanks to the eclipse in communicative Air sign Libra, important news will be delivered today.


Eclipses allow us to see things in a new light, and as the sign of analysis, you love getting new details. Today's eclipse in balanced Air sign Libra asks you to reflect on your finances and on value, in general.


It's a big day for you, Libra—there's an eclipse in your sign! Expect to see your world (and your relationships) in a new light. You have so much to offer, and you're tired of people's perceptions and snap judgments of you—all that's changing now!


As a lover of secrets, you adore eclipses, because these lunations are all about revealing the previously unseen truth. Today's eclipse in logical Libra is lighting up a very private sector of your chart—and secrets about yourself are going to be revealed.


Today's eclipse in charming, social Air sign Libra will show you what your friendships are really made of. Dreams you never thought you could chase are now seeming more achievable. Go for it!


You're famously considered the sign of material success, Capricorn, and today's life-changing eclipse in lovely Libra is pushing you closer toward your goals. But this thrust forward could also feel a bit scary or intense. Trust that things will balance out.


It's a massive day, Aquarius: Your friendships and social connections show what they're really made of, and today's eclipse in fellow Air sign Libra is pushing you to expand beyond your comfort zone.


Being a Water sign, emotional intensity is nothing new to you, but today's revealing eclipse in balance-seeking Libra will be lighting up a very psychic and emotionally sensitive sector of your chart. Deep feelings surface.

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