Helicopter Crash-Landed on a Skyscraper in Midtown New York City

The pilot was killed
Helicopter Crash-Landed on a Skyscraper in Midtown New York City

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A helicopter crash-landed onto the roof of a midtown Manhattan high-rise Monday afternoon around 1:50 p.m., according to New York City authorities. One person — the pilot — has died.

The New York City Fire Department tweeted that firefighters were responding to a report that a helicopter crashed into a building, then later tweeted that it crashed on top of a building. The helicopter landing sparked a fire. The fire has since been extinguished, according to police.


There are few additional details on the crash, which appears to be an accident, but one eyewitness tweeted that he heard a crash in on 7th Avenue and looked up to see a plume of smoke.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was on the scene. "People who were in the building said they felt the building shake," Cuomo told reporters. "There may have been casualties involved.” He later said the crash did not appear to have any links to terrorism.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is running for president, told reporters that there was no reason to believe the crash was linked to terrorism.

"No indication this was an act of terror," de Blasio said.

President Trump tweeted that he'd been briefed on the crash, but he didn't mention the pilot's death:

Cover: Image of 787 Seventh Ave., New York, from Google Maps