DOOM and Adult Swim Abruptly End Their Relationship

Adult Swim confirmed the split to Mass Appeal this morning.
September 27, 2017, 2:38pm
Foto: Wikimedia Common

In a typically mysterious and abrupt move, elusive London-born hip-hop artist DOOM has ended his relationship with Adult Swim. The split comes halfway through a 15-week project, The Missing Notebook Rhymes, in which Adult Swim would release one DOOM song every Tuesday. That arrangement is now dead and the seven tracks already released from the project—including collaborations with Jay Electronica and Kool Keith—have disappeared from the Adult Swim website.


"Adult Swim is ending our relationship with DOOM, and thus, the remaining Missing Notebook Rhymes will unfortunately have to remain…missing," Adult Swim wrote in an email to Mass Appeal this morning. "We are glad to have had the chance to provide the previous free tracks to our fans."

Given that DOOM keeps a bunch of "quasi-managers" in his orbit and has almost certainly sent masked imposters to perform live shows in his place, this isn't a huge shock. Actually, the fact that we got seven whole tracks out of this arrangement should be considered a triumph. Even though they're not up on the Adult Swim website anymore, the seven tracks are still kicking about, and that KMD reunion with Jay Electronica still rules. For now, that'll have to be enough.

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