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Indonesia's Screamo Band Tells A Tale of Forbidden Love In New Single

Yogyakarta-based Last Kiss To Die of Visceroth dropped their new music video on the most romantic day of the year—and it's bleak.

Many Indonesians choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day for all kinds of reasons. But perhaps some people just have nobody to celebrate it with. Yogyakarta’s screamo unit Last Kiss To Die of Visceroth (shortened to LKTDOV) chose to show their unique take on Valentine’s Day through their new music video “Behold, A Shattered Enchantment," which was released earlier today.

The music video for the single is a continuous shot of woman dancing in a black dress, possibly in some sort of a trance, under a cloudy sky. Her movement follows the dynamics of the song, at times fast-paced and aggressive as guitar distortion and vocals blast your ears, and at other times calm as the song showcases it’s post-rock influence.

To be honest, the lyrics to “Behold, A Shattered Enchantment,”—at least the English bits, because some is in French—sounds like a diary of Romeo and Juliet. But the sincerity and totality of the vocals make up for what the song lacks in originality.

"The lyrics was written based on my personal experience," Indra Menus, the band's vocalist, told me.

He didn’t specifically explain what he meant by this line though: “In this world there’s always one person in our life / that we both love each other but couldn’t be together.” Considering this is Indonesia, I'm going to assume he’s talking about loving somebody of a different religion.

With this new single, LKTDOV reminds us that not all relationships end with a happy ending. More often than not, it ends abruptly without any clear reason why, leaving a huge void in our chest. So next time you’re feeling bad about spending Valentine's Day—or any other day—single, grab some tissue and listen to “Behold, A Shattered Enchantment.”