Most of the Songs on Solange's 'When I Get Home' Were Recorded in One Take

Solange talks about her new album in an intimate interview with i-D.
Leslie Horn
New York, US
Photo by Tim Walker

On Friday Solange released a beautiful new album in When I Get Home. It's a gorgeous and layered 19 tracks that you'll want to sit with for a while. Which is why it's impressive that, as Solange explains a new interview with i-D that discusses the making of the album, a majority of the tracks were recorded in one take.

What I love so much about recording this record was most of the songs are one-takes. We’d start from the top with me singing a melody and building out chords, just me and click track and then my boy John Key on the drums or keys and John Kirby on the synths. I would then go find the best three minutes of the fifteen. I actually tried to recreate some of my vocals, but the energy wasn’t the same and I had to surrender to that. This album isn’t about vocal performance or just words out loud. I tried to create everything I had to say with sonics and frequency. This is really about the way that I feel. Feelings.

There is plenty more to say about the album, but it's almost certainly best to hear it in Solange's own words. Read the whole interview over at i-D.