Listen to James Blake’s Stunning New Song “Don’t Miss It”

A collaboration with Mount Kimbie's Dominic Maker, it's an absolute beauty of a ballad.
May 25, 2018, 12:23am

James Blake has released a beautiful new collaboration with Mount Kimble’s Dominic Maker, “Don’t Miss It” on the latest episode of his BBC Radio 1 Residency. The five-minute track is a warm, soulful piano-driven track that places a focus on Blake’s warbling vocals. Despite never abandoning its core piano, the song is constantly shifting, switching between programmed drums and live drums, moving into spaces that are alternately more spacious and more claustrophobic, adding fragments of tape hiss and high-pitched vocal samples. It’s a real beauty. Listen and watch the song's clip, a screen recording of the lyrics typed out into a Notes app, above.


Blake’s last album was The Colour in Anything, released back in 2016, but since then he’s worked with Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock and Future on the Black Panther soundtrack, collaborated with André 3000 on his 17-minute song “Look Ma No Hands,” worked on Mount Kimble’s 2017 album Love What Survives and, most recently, released a new track “If the Car Beside You Moves Ahead.”

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