Monthly Horoscope: Taurus, September 2018
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Monthly Horoscope: Taurus, September 2018

September brings easygoing, productive vibes.
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli
August 30, 2018, 8:36pm

Welcome to Virgo season, Taurus! The Sun is illuminating the sector of your chart that rules fun, romance, artistic expression, and joy. Virgo season might be all about work and getting organized to the rest of the zodiac signs, but the only thing you’re organizing right now is the massive amount of weed you’re going to smoke naked in bed with your newest lover who you happen to be recording an album with. Who said earth signs don’t know how to have fun? Mercury and your ruling planet, Venus, make a helpful connection in the sky on September 3, creating an easygoing and productive mood. On September 5, Mercury enters Virgo, bringing plenty of invitations to parties and news from romantic partners your way.


September 7 is majorly exciting, but you need to keep things light and easy or else you'll feel overwhelmed by your options or even paranoid by overthinking things. On this day, chatty Mercury connects with brilliant Uranus, bringing you unexpected connections with people you feel inspired by and attracted to, and Mercury also connects with Saturn, which finds you feeling at peace and secure with your strengths and abilities. However, the Sun will also oppose the planet of fog, Neptune, so things will feel very unclear—just let things be what they are. Don’t make any firm commitments, because things are so up in the air. Try to stay present and if someone tells you something that sounds too good to be true, don’t fall for it.

Huge passion is in the air as Venus clashes with Mars on September 8—plans are being made, and you love a good plan, Taurus! A fresh start around dating and creativity arrives on September 9 with the new moon in Virgo, plus, Venus enters Scorpio, bringing big blessings to the relationship sector of your chart! This is a marvelous time to get closer to people—Venus in Scorpio really knows how to deepen connections, and the new moon in Virgo will spark curiosity and thoughtfulness.

Mars enters Aquarius on September 10, igniting the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation—exciting! Just circle September 18 on your calendar as a day to watch out for unexpected confrontations or flaring tempers. Think back to August 1—this won’t be the first time you’ve come across this situation. Best case scenario: a very dynamic and powerful shift around your profession may arrive, so that’s exciting!


September 11 and 12 are major for your relationships, thanks to an alignment between the Sun, Jupiter, and Pluto—profound connections will be forged, and you may even cross paths with some very powerful people. Expect to be surprised by your partners on September 12, when Venus opposes Uranus—people are itching for freedom and change (especially you, even though you famously despise change), and an experimental mood is in the air. You might find yourself drifting away from some people; but Venus will also connect with Saturn on September 12, creating an anchoring and supportive energy—things that can stand the test of time, will.

Again, Neptune’s hazy energy will make some things cloudy, so do plenty of exploring, but if you feel confused, don't overthink your situation and avoid making big decisions since Mercury opposes Neptune on September 13. However, Mercury will connect with Pluto on September 15, helping you make the right decisions and granting you the inside scoop you may have felt was missing when Neptune’s fog descended.

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A big shift arrives as Mercury enters Libra on September 21 and the Sun enters Libra and brings the autumn equinox on September 22. As these planets move into social and intellectual air sign Libra, you'll find yourself more busy and focused on accomplishing your daily tasks and to-do lists, as well as paying attention to your health and wellness. You can only lay in bed naked to luxuriate with your lover for so long! It’s time to get moving…or at least, time to try. You'll hit some obstacles on September 23 and 25, when Mercury and the Sun, square off with Saturn, respectively. A mood of rejection is in the air and things aren’t flowing smoothly; so you need some discipline and a reframing of boundaries to cope.

You’re going to be hard at work this Libra season, but the full moon in Aries arrives on September 24 to ask you to take time to unwind and get in touch with yourself and your inner voice. Aries is a sign that wants to go, go, go, but this full moon is here to show you that you might be burning yourself out, Taurus. It’s time to bring better balance into your life—again, you can’t laze in bed all day, but you also shouldn’t overwork yourself, either! And you have a tendency to be all-or-nothing instead of balancing your energy.

Pluto ends its retrograde in fellow earth sign Capricorn on September 30, finding you reflecting deeply on your beliefs, your dreams, and your vision of the world. You’re ready for more adventure in your life—it’s coming, my bovine bud. Good luck this month, and see you in October!