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Dvsn's Aaliyah and Prince Mash-Up Will Give You Goosebumps

The Canadian duo stopped by the BBC Radio 1Xtra Live Lounge to get everyone in their feels.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

The BBC Radio Live Lounges are frequently home to decent cover versions – just a couple weeks back, for example, we got Khalid's pretty version of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" – and it's true that the artists who tend to excel most when they step into those particular booths are those who are willing to put their own spin on existing tracks. So of course, Canada's Dvsn, known for playing cover versions at their live shows, were always going to impress when they stopped by the Radio 1Xtra Live Lounge.


Performing a mash-up of Aaliyah's timeless slow jam "One In a Million" and Prince's equally timeless epic "Purple Rain" with an extremely talented trio of backing vocalists, singer Daniel Daley tackled the two iconic tracks with his own soft, pliable tenor, impressive falsetto, and superhuman control, while Nineteen85 supplied rich, tonal accompaniment on the guitar. The arrangement means that the two tracks drift in and out of one another dreamily, and it's basically a masterclass in how to do a mash-up. Watch above and get chills (and as an added bonus, I've also included their Live Lounge performance of "Mood" below).

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