This story is over 5 years old.


Watch a Furby Get the Gruesome Death It Deserves

The hydraulic press finds its best victim yet.

Just when you think the hydraulic press is played out, a new and delightfully sinister contestant enters the ring: the Furby.

It's an "extremely dangerous and evil being," said the viral YouTube channel's operator Lauri Vuohensilta, right before he triggered the execution. It's payback time for all of the sleepless nights children of the late 90s spent wondering if the Furby in their closets would ever shut the hell up.

The fuzzy fucker falls asleep as it's put into the press, completely typical of its kind. Wake up, buddy, it's time to meet your maker. Well, not Tiger Electronics, it doesn't care about your fate. But whatever deity resides in the animatronic hell you'll surely burn in.

Its eyes boggle and twist as the press comes down, as if two decades of torment flash before its CPU. It is speechless, for once. Watching its final moments in slow motion almost makes one feel bad for this mechanical demon. Almost.