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Beautiful Brain Art Uncovers the Complexity of the Human Mind

Greg Dunn’s light-reflecting paintings make science visually stunning.
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Transforming the constant moving compartments of the braininto a gilded display of reflective strands, scientist and artist, Greg Dunn examines the "look of consciousness" in his project Self Reflective. Each rendering of the brain is composed of unique reflective micro-etchings that bounces life off of hundreds of thousands tiny etches on a golden surface. The graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a doctorate in neuroscience, along with his partner Brian Edwards, hoped to visualize the beauty of human brain.


In a short video introduction to Self Reflective, the project's many shining tributaries composing the inside of a brain are mesmerizing in their swirling light show. The project's design reflects the functions of the brain, such as a sense of smell in the Olfactory Bulb, to the planning and decision-making capacity within the Frontal Cortex.

Speaking on-camera about the interesting intersection of art and high science that went in Self Reflection, Dunn shares where the two concentrations can meet: "Sometimes I'm asked 'Are you artists—are you scientists? What are you?' And for me, art and science don't have to be working against one another, they can harmonize together to create something which is much greater than either of them can achieve on their own. You don't have to choose, your brain has the potential to do both."

To see more from Self Reflection as well as other work from Greg Dunn, visit his website, here.


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