Transport Yourself to a Darling Italian Town in This Video

Filmmaker Alex Soloviev's love letter to Genoa is almost better than visiting in real life.
May 6, 2017, 11:45am
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Memories from a fruitful travel experience sometimes cannot be described in words. For filmmaker Alex Soloviev, the best alternative is a dramatic video that tells the story of the journey through sumptuous, detail-highlighting visuals. In the short film—or as Soloviev calls it, a "travel video with soul"—titled Genoa - More Than This, the viewer is taken on a tour of the Northwestern Italian city. An under-appreciated gem located on the coast, the small port locale is celebrated through dynamic action shots that effortlessly glide up close to the most important details of the city. From majestic hillside views seen from the window of a train to the hallowed halls of a cathedral filled with sculptures, Genoa is a decadent rush of never-ending culture and history.


Interspersed with views from the city's metropolitan center—captured in the form of kids playing soccer on a waterfront, pets resting in an open space, and narrow brick-lined roads—the cinematic nature of the short film speeds through the very best cultural and historical landmarks the city has to offer. "The video [was] shot using a 'follow' camera technique to help reveal the city without […] focusing on main attractions," Soloviev tells Creators. "This is not a regular travel video, but rather a short visual poem."

Take in the full grandeur of Genoa in the video below:

Screencap via the artist

Screencap via the artist

Visit Alex Soloviev's Vimeo page, here, and his Facebook page, here, to see more of his work.


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