SoundCloud Announces New Music Recommendation Feature Called The Upload

It uses machine learning to collect new music you might like in one place.
May 3, 2017, 7:09pm
Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Berlin-based streaming company SoundCloud today launched a feature called The Upload for finding new music on the platform. The tool looks at what you like and listen to on the site and creates a playlist of music uploaded in the last couple of days by artists or labels you might enjoy.

In a blog post about the feature, SoundCloud also said that The Upload uses machine learning to pull together its recommendations. If you're using a web browser, it's accessible via the Discover tab, while you can find it in the Search tab on iOS and Android. We gave it a try just now and it created a 20-track, three-and-a-half hour playlist of music all uploaded in the last four days.


Back in March, the company announced that it was expanding its revenue sharing program so that DJs can make money off mixes uploaded to the site. Here at THUMP we discussed it in the fifth episode of our podcast, on the subject of how electronic musicians make money.

In February, the company announced a $5 paid subscription service, which is an updated version of SoundCloud Go.

Photo of The Upload courtesy of SoundCloud

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