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Someone Uploaded Over Two Hours of Unreleased Prince Songs to Soundcloud

Over two hours of the late dancefloor legend’s demos have surfaced on SoundCloud.
April 25, 2016, 10:35pm
Photo from YouTube

[Update - 11.30AM April 26] Both the mix and the recording of Prince's last show have now been taken down from SoundCloud. A decision we have to respect, as Prince would've probably wanted it that way. THUMP's seven most played Prince tracks are here if you're looking for something to listen to.

As the world continues to grieve for the late pop icon Prince, a SoundCloud user has paid their own homage by posting a majestic bootleg of the Purple One's unreleased material. Like his official recordings, this two-and-a-half-hour mix jumps from trippy funk, to tender ballads, to knee-buckling guitar work, charting the full gamut of the dancefloor icon's eclectic range.


Not much is known about where the mixes came from; it was uploaded by an anonymous SoundCloud user yesterday who hasn't posted anything else. In the description the user says the material is a distillation of "a decent number of O(+> bootlegs and demos" amassed over the years. They go on to say: "It was difficult to break it down, but eventually, I got around to making a best of the 87 discs of unreleased O(+> material."

In the comments on the post, another user posted a tracklist for the mix, which includes "Turn It Up," "Neon Telephone," and "Do Yourself a Favour"—a remake of "If You See Me" by 94 East, the band that Prince was a member of in the 70s.

If by the time you read this the internet police have take down the mix, you can still listen to a recording of Prince's last ever performance at the Fox Theater in Atlanta a few days before his death.

Prince Rogers Nelson died on April 21 at the age of 57. Culture critic Michael Musto wrote an essay for THUMP about Prince's complicated role as an LGBTQ role model.

Listen to the mix, titled "P.R.N.1999," here.