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HEALTH Dial Up "L.A. Looks" in a Sleazy, Late Night Public Access TV Commercial

A highlight from the group's 2015 album 'Death Magic' gets a retro hotline-inspired video.

Los Angeles noise rock group HEALTH have shared a new video for "L.A. Looks," off their 2015 album Death Magic on Loma Vista Recordings.

Directed by Adult Swim's Derrick Beckles and produced by absurdist online video network Super Deluxe, the clip for the shimmering, disco-tinged track resembles a late night public access TV hotline commercial, with grainy footage of amusement rides, sun-kissed beaches, and two women kissing. The band's members also make sporadic cameos, though thankfully nobody vomits or gets drenched in blood this time.

Watch it above and check out Boys Noize and Empress Of's remix of HEALTH's "Stonefist" from earlier this year.

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