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Ouri Takes You Through Life and Decay in “Surreal”

Get stuck in limbo with a snake and a dancer.

Ouri's aptly titled "Surreal" is constantly in limbo, equally uplifting and melancholic. She offers a refreshing take on dance music, mixing minimal house and techno tropes with structures and melodies similar to that of an orchestral composition. Viewed through the lens of its corresponding music video, "Surreal" juxtaposes images of darkness and beauty, and life and decay. High in definition and fidelity, the video is overwhelming and entrancing. Through the combination of Sophia Büchi's intricate movements and the use of mystical prop arrangements, I can't help but recall the bewildering scenes from Alejandro Jodorowsky's "The Holy Mountain".


The Montreal resident is set to release her debut solo effort Maze on May 8. The release is made up of six original works, one of which being a remix from Dramasuit. The remix plays within the expansive yet minimal atmosphere laid out by "Surreal", though never repeating itself.

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Video Credits
Dancer: Sophia Büchi
Producer: Evren Boisjoli
Executive Producer: Emile Lavoie
Director: Jean-François Sauvé
Creative Director: Ourielle Auvé
Artistic Director: Edith Jorish
Director of Photography: Derek Branscombe
Camera Assistant: Marc-Olivier Godard
Gaffer: Cody Roland Larocque
Grip: Anna Arobas, Chady Awad, Alex Kasstan
Best Boy: Ray Lavers
Original Concept: Ourielle Auvé & Jean-François Sauvé
Thanks to: Sabrina G. Jolicoeur, Flavie Mageau-Taylor

Productions Achromatic Media & Martine aimait les films.