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Everyone's Favorite French House Duo Cassius Are Back

Collaborations from Mike D and Cat Power on "Action," the pair's first official new track since 2010.
Photo courtesy of the artists

Cassius, the duo consisting of French producers Phillipe Zdar and Boom Bass, are preparing to release their latest new music since their 2010 EP The Rawkers, (their last full-length album was 2006's 15 Again), and have just dropped a bomb of a first single.

"Action," is a return to Cassius's classic house and funky disco sound, with woody percussion and a muscly bass line that conjure images of platform shoes and disco balls. Guest vocalizing on the track are Beastie Boys member Mike D, who provides robust and playful rap verses, and Cat Power's Chan Marshall, who softly coos the chorus: "Don't think from the 1970s, baby / Everything could all be wrong." It's a hard warning to heed for a track that brings to mind disco's golden era.

Though they have not released a record in years, Cassius's members have remained busy, in particular Zdar who's produced and mixed seminal albums for Kindness, Bloc Party, and Chromeo, as well as albums from their "Action" collaborators Cat Power and the Beastie Boys. In 2009, Zdar won a Grammy for his production work on Phoenix's album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

Though no further news about the new record has been revealed, the band promised in the press release that this is "the first taste of further new Cassius material (and familiar faces) which will be revealed shortly: for now, it's time for 'Action'."

Listen to it below: