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Dada Life’s Olle Cornéer Unveils Experimental Side Project Under Night Gestalt Alias

On his forthcoming album, 'One,' the banana-slinging Swede is reaching back into a darker part of his career (and life) to unearth a project that’s far more IDM than EDM. View the video for “The Death of SHE” now.
May 7, 2015, 9:45pm

Everyone knows Olle Cornéer as one half of champagne-drenched, potassium-obsessed, EDM duo Dada Life. What you might not know however is that for nearly three years, the artist has been sitting on an experimental, IDM-leaning, album entitled One, under the alias Night Gestalt. The years-long apprehension surrounding the release of the project ends today, with the unveiling of the LP's first single (and music video) "The Death of SHE."


While Cornéer explains briefly how he wrote many of the songs on the album while residing in a small country house on a Swedish island a few years back, it wasn't until last year in 2014, when he received the shuddering news that he had been diagnosed with cancer, that he made the decision to bring One and the Night Gestalt project overall, out of the darkness and into the light of day.

With "The Death of SHE," Cornéer channels his experimental influences like Aphex Twin and Black Dog, layering spacey chords among sporadic synth-led arpeggios, additionally choosing to use his own emotive vocals to create an experience leagues away from everything you known from his work as part of Dada Life. The video itself, a spooky, black and white montage of slightly ominous scenes, relates seamlessly with the track's production as a whole.

Keep your eyes and ears on this space for more news from the artist's exciting new project.