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Agoria's French Kiss: Frank and Tony

Cinematic French producer Agoria picks his favorite new artists to watch in this new column.
December 18, 2013, 11:30pm

French Kiss is a column by French DJ/producer Agoria. When he's not busy making beautifully soaring, open-minded house jams for the likes of Innervisions and Planet E, DJing around the world, or working with famous French film directors, Agoria will be picking us his favorite new producers from France and beyond. Allez y.

Agoria on Frank & Tony:

"Anthony Collins and Frances Harris (aka Adultnapper) are back! These two guys are talented on their own, but combined they create something that's a even more special. Their single "Holy For Her" is a perfect winter song when you need to kick back by the fire and recover from a long weekend. Deep, melancholic keys and subtle vocals drive this enigmatic house music; if you're stuck in a Sunday rut, this track will ease you right out the other end. I can't wait for the next snowstorm to french kiss my partner while this song plays."

Check out a great mix from Frank & Tony from Treehouse in Miami and watch the video for "Holy For Her" below.
Visit their label Scissor & Thread here.

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