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Prepare for 32 Hours of Music with AIM Festival's Phase One Lineup

The new Montreal festival promises:

AIM (Art Innovation Movement) is the only festival in Canada that offers non-stop electronic music for over 32 hours. Tack on the scenery at the historic Carillon Park in Quebec?complete with gargantuan monolith monuments and waterfront view?and you're in summer festival bliss.

The innovative 3-day festival is launching on June 26 to 28, just 45 minutes outside of Montreal.

Fuelling their immersive, non-pretentious promise is their lineup. Fifty carefully chosen artists will be announced in the oncoming months for the St-André-d'Argenteuil party, and the first phase announcement is novel. Everyone from The Martinez Brothers, Jamie XX, Pleasurekraft, Wolf + Lamb, and Montreal's own Tiga will participate in the weekend marathon of music.


For those exhausted by the prototypical festival formula, AIM is the event for you. The captivating experience will include on-site activities, workshops, and interactive multimedia art. AIM is also Montreal's first chance to camp out on music festival grounds.

It's distinction from other festivals can be summed up as this: "No fast-food music, no foam, no cake, no steam."

Move along, Aoki fans.

Tickets are available for purchase here.

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