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The Best Things We Saw on the Dance Music Internet This Week

The Orb, Ricardo Villalobos, Marcel Dettmann and more make our list of the best things this week.

1. Meeting Carl Bean

THUMP Features Editor Michelle Lhooq spoke with Carl Bean, the 72-year-old preacher who crafted, "I Was Born This Way," one of the most infectious and impactful songs for the LGBT community.

2. Skotoboinya

[vice_embeds src='//' width='1000' height='598']In this short documentary, THUMP explores Skotoboinya, speaks with its founders and uncovers how it helps teens reimagine 90s dance rave culture.

3. Dance music and schizophrenia

There is order in dance music. Writer Kofi Edzie explains how listening to and producing dance music helps him cope with schizophrenia.

4. Huerco S and Anthony Naples at Pickle Factory

Dive into the weekend with this four-hour mix recorded from an earlier set at Pickle Factory.

5. Orb-jects

Columnist Michaelangelo Matos spoke with The Orb about seven objects that have helped defined their decades-long career.

6. The Zoo Project

Resident Advisor profiles The Zoo Project, Ibiza's pseudo-dance music festival, on its 10th anniversary.

7. Marcel Dettmann's DJ-Kicks

It's here! Stream DJ and producer Marcel Dettmann's new DJ-Kicks in full.


8. In defense of big beat

Writer Jonny Coleman writes a passionate defense of the 90s genre which spawned popular hits from The Prodigy and Fatboy Slim, among others.

9. The enduring power of Ricardo Villalobos

Pitchfork profiles Ricardo Villalobos, one of the best producers and remixers out now.

10. Classic albums

Mixmag created this clever mix which looks at albums more than 20 years old that still sound fresh. Producers include Tricky, LFO and Orbital.