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Listen to the Furtive, Silky Sounds of Perera Elsewhere on “Something’s Up”

The melodic electronica artist released a music video for the first single off of her forthcoming album “All Of This.”

In the music video for her new song "Something's Up," the British-born, Berlin-based, and internationally-roaming Perera Elsewhere plays two characters: "The Therapist" and the "Jungle Woman." Those two sentiments represented by her characters—quiet emotional introspection on the one hand, wandering frenetic energy on the other—run through the lingering bass, melodic ambient electronica, and haunting vocal refrains of the new single. The song's sexy secretiveness stays with you even after the credits of the music video roll.


"Something's Up" is the first single from self-taught producer Perera Elsewhere's forthcoming album All Of This, coming out on the label Friends of Friends in June 2017. Elsewhere released her haunting debut EP "Everlast" in December of 2013, and has been busy traveling between Berlin, Istanbul, and Mumbai to make her new album for the past three years. "Something's Up" is the first in a trilogy of videos the artist collaborated on with director Hugo Holger Schneider, shot in the various cities where All Of This was recorded. Perera Elsewhere explained how the internationally cosmopolitan development of the album informed how it all came together.

"So I started by writing and recording that song on a guitar that I didn't like the sound of in India," said Elsewhere in an email to THUMP. "When I got back to Berlin I dumped the guitar and started messing around with the swirling Labrynth synth sound and an arpeggiator: it opened up a whole new world for me sound-wise."

When she's not making her own music, Perera Elsewhere teaches Ableton/electronic production to women in third world countries, helping them to express themselves through music.

You can listen to "Something's Up" below, and catch All Of This in June from Friends of Friends Music.