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Fool's Gold Threw An Insane Party at a Strip Club for Their 8th Anniversary—And These Photos Prove It

Even Alexander Wang showed up to make it rain.

This past Saturday, Fool's Gold celebrated their 8th birthday in a fittingly debaucherous manner: by inviting their friends and fans to Brooklyn's "Lust Gentleman's Club"—no points for guessing what kind of establishment that is. With Venus X, Mr. Carmack, Kittens, Sonny Digital and a slew of other beatsmiths on the decks, the all-night rager lived up to the label's promise that it would be an "affair for the books."


We asked our photographer Kevin Hoopes to elaborate on what exactly went down:

"Within 30 seconds of walking into the club, I bumped into A-Trak and asked how drunk he was planning on getting; he told me he was just trying to throw some cash. Fast forward an hour (or two? time seemed to operate differently there), there's the man himself with a girl on his lap. Elsewhere, the presiding DJs lurked before and after their hard hip-hop sets—Mr Carmack and Sonny Digital could be found around the bar taking in the sights.

No matter where you looked, your eyes would land on either a girl getting showered with singles or a notable face. Fool's Gold co-founder Nick Catchdubs, Autobot of Flosstradamus, Alexander Wang, and rapper Que (remember OG Bobby Johnson?) were there amidst the bottles of Hennessy and Grey Goose with sparklers on their tops. Around 2AM, Que and his crew got on to the stage with the girls to do some of their songs, never for a moment not making it rain. The Henny was flowing, the singles were flying, and the place was packed well into the morning. When the time finally came to leave, I couldn't help asking myself, why don't labels have parties in strip clubs more often?"