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The Last Record: Yotto Gives Love to His Peers

The Finnish producer purchased new releases from The Avalanches, Tycho, DJ Koze and more.
Photo of Yotto courtesy of Miro Kalliola.

Yotto's 2016 is looking up. The Finnish DJ and producer recently released "The Owls," a deep groove that further defines his shimmery sound. According to the producer, he wrote the track in a hotel in India during his numerous travels. "For me the track represents a more held back tension which is then released in the end with all the synth work coming together," he said. Since it's release, the track was chosen as an "Essential New Tune" from Pete Tong and the "Hottest Record in the World" from Annie Mac.


The producer has two more Twin Peaks-inspired releases scheduled before the end of the summer and featuring his distinct blend of the dark and light in his instrumentation. For this edition of "The Last Record," Yotto chose a handful of selections including the latest from The Avalanches and other recent releases from his producing peers.

Wildflower by The Avalanches

Probably the most hyped album of the summer, but for a good reason. I almost cried a bit when I played this through. It's such a great piece of cut and paste art that instantly took me back to the days of having Since I Left You on repeat. The whole album is a treasure chest of well known and super obscure samples. Ultimate summer record of 2016, and on the subject of buying records it reminded me of shuffling through endless piles of records as a kid. Nostalgia punch in the nose.

"Energy Flow" by Mano Le Tough (DJ Koze remix)

Been loving the original from Mano Le Tough's great album for a while now. It's been one of my favourite records to listen to on flights. This fits that purpose too. DJ Koze never really disappoints with remixes and this is very special, wistful but somehow a bit goofy too. [It] partially reminds me of some of Chemical Brothers' more straightforward club moments.

"Solution" by XYZ (Kenton Slash Demon's 4/4 Therapy)

This is an incredible piece of melodic dancefloor damage. I'm a huge fan on KSD and was a bit surprised about getting such a straight club remix from them, but I love it. Big part of shuffling for records is trying to find records that have multiple functions in my sets - this one could easily be the first or last record or a breathe of magic in the middle.


"Division" by Tycho

I can't wait for the new Tycho album to come out. Scott Hansen's project is probably my most played act on Spotify, and for a good reason. The music itself has a very therapeutic effect and weirdly works everywhere from airplanes to the gym. This is just a magnificent piece of very classic Tycho for my ears and it's on repeat.

"Centre Of The World" by Phil Moffa

This is an amazing set builder and just a dope groove. I'm a sucker for this type of beat building exercises. It's just a jam that does not end and gets any floor going. This was on a Malawi Beating Heart compilation where a bunch of DJ's and producers remixed a lot of rare records from Sub-Saharan Africa. The results are magnificent and bring a lot of mystery and live groove to the floors.