FOX Finally Dropped an ‘X-Files’ Trailer We Can Sink Our Teeth Into


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FOX Finally Dropped an ‘X-Files’ Trailer We Can Sink Our Teeth Into

TV show resurrections rarely look this good.
September 30, 2015, 5:50pm

One of the biggest questions surrounding the new X-Files was how the series would resituate its government conspiracy storyline in a post-9/11 era. This new two-minute trailer from FOX, which originally aired in several parts, gives us a better idea of what things will look like.

Allusions to terrorist threats and government surveillance swing us right into the present day, and with public trust in the government at an all-time low, I can't help but get super excited for how 2015 Washington is going to be portrayed.

When I wrote about the teaser trailer that came out back in July, there really wasn't much to go on. Now we have more information: Mulder and Scully were together for a while, but have since become estranged. Since the show's flat refusal to truly address their undeniable chemistry is part of what made the earlier seasons so much better, I'm okay with that, as long as some of that classic frisson is still there.

Also: appearances by Skinner, the Smoking Man, and someone who looks strangely like an older Krycek, who is supposed to be dead. This is a proper trailer, and I'm rubbing my hands together with childish glee.

The new X-Files consists of only six episodes (boo) and will begin airing January 24th. Party at my place.