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Penguins' Steven Oleksy's First-Ever Sip of Alcohol Was out of the Stanley Cup

Hard to imagine a better way for the 30-year-old defenceman to enjoy his first drink.

What a badass way to enjoy your first drink.

Penguins' 30-year-old defenceman Steven Oleksy flushed a life of sobriety down the drain after Pittsburgh beat the Sharks in six games to win the Stanley Cup—the team's first title since 2009.

Oleksy, who didn't appear in a single postseason game for the Penguins, tasted his first sip of alcohol out of Lord Stanley's Mug during Pittsburgh's championship celebrations Sunday night.

At 30 years old I had my first sip of alcohol from the only cup I'll ever drink out of. Honored to be a part of it! — Steven Oleksy (@StevenOleksy)June 13, 2016

And who's that lifting the Cup to Oleksy's lips? None other than Sidney Crosby. Now that's a captain!