This story is over 5 years old.

Hoverboard Daredevil Shovels Snow in Nerve-Racking Video

Shovel snow in one fell swoop.

Want to shovel snow quickly? A hoverboard can help with that.

In this Youtube video by Steve Scherer, a kid rides around on his hoverboard while simultaneously plowing through piles of snows. Shovel and hoverboard, the kid becomes something of a human snowplow on wheels.

While not exactly a work of biohacking tech mastery, the kid integrates with the hoverboard to do what a machine is usually used for. Instead of digging at the snow one section of the time, by riding through several feet of snow at once, shovel in hand, he pushes it all to the side in one fell swoop.

Our hero goes back and forth several times on the rectangular surface, digging out both long edges of the driveway. With a hoverboard, this kid makes a mundane task actually fun—and less time consuming.

Maybe hoverboards have an actual purpose.

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