Lady Gaga's "John Wayne" Video is 'Mad Max' Meets 'Natural Born Killers' Meets Anarchy

Also, pistol-heeled shoes.
February 8, 2017, 7:46pm

Now that we all love Lady Gaga again (Artpop will have its day soon, just you wait), it's worth it to realize how batshit she can be when she really tries with the visual concepts. Her new video for Joanne rager "John Wayne" is a psychedelic bit of nihilistic Americana, featuring Gaga as an outlaw riding stallions and automobiles through a sickeningly discoloured rural area.

There's Mad Max car gangs, murderous hedonism straight out of Natural Born Killers and enough B-movie horror fonts to make Rob Zombie reconsider his career direction. Gaga shoots bullets out of her heels at the end, too, which would be a novel and badass idea if Sega hadn't gotten to it first. Either way, watch the insanity of "John Wayne" below if you have Apple Music.

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