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Leicester Dismantle Manchester City in Stunning 3-1 Victory

You might call it an upset... if this was last year.
February 6, 2016, 3:52pm

Try to tell me Leicester aren't a fun team to watch this season. Try it. Just stare me in the face and say, "Leicester are boring." Yeah, that's what I thought. You can't. Because they are exciting as hell, and you know it.

The EPL table's 1st (LCFC) and 2nd (MCFC) place game started out early, as Leicester took the lead within breaths of the opening whistle—off of a set piece. Robert Huth was on the receiving end of a low cross, and struck it true as his defender crumbled at his feet. Then, (above) Riyad Mahrez took a solo goal run from nearly midfield, hurdling over one Man City defender, and treating the another two like a set of tattered curtains. A real stunner.

The extra icing on top of the cherry, which, in turn, was on some more icing, though, was Robert Huth's second goal on the day. A beautifully directed header that arched over the keeper, leaving him to helplessly pick up the third ball out of his own net.

Manchester City would attempt a feeble comeback, only to register a tally on the day. Leicester now sit a clear six points ahead at the top of the table, which, if I were to tell you that this would happen a year ago, you'd laugh me out of town and country. As the Men in Blazers put it:

This is like watching Philadelphia 76ers sweep Golden State in next season's NBA Final
— Men in Blazers (@MenInBlazers) February 6, 2016